Thursday, January 20, 2011

100 truth about me, =_="

zaf & dayan,both of u tagged me???arghh...ok ok, THE MOMENT OF TRUTH, xP

once you are tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 100 truths about you.At the end,choose 5 people to be tagged.You have to tag the person who tagged you.So that makes, 6 people (To do this, copy and paste this note, erase my answers and enter your own, tag ppl then click publish).

1. last beverage
♥ daily fresh orange milk

2. last phone call
♥ eah, my sis, to find the winter coat..

3. last text message
♥ bacak

4. last song you listened to
♥ muse - neutron star collision(love is forever)

5. last time you cried
♥ i can't remember,hmm....early this year.

6. dated someone twice
♥ yup, with her.hahaa....

7. been cheated on
♥ nope and never

8. kisses someone and regretted it
♥ mestila,,

9. lost someone special
♥ my late mum :'(

10. been depressed
♥ kalo jd KP takan ta depress kot...

11. been drunk and threw up
♥ nope, dlm syurga nnt la...

12. blue
13. red
14. yellow


15. made new friend
♥ of course, 

16. fallen out of love
♥ yup, u know that, don't u?

17. laughed until you cried
♥ haha....too many, i can't remember

18. met someone who changed you
nazreen sobri, fikri fahmi, arif haffizan, zafirah haron, dayana aqilah, asyrani daud, nurfarah afiqah

19. found out who your true friends were
♥ of course,

20. found out someone was talking about you
♥ mesti la, jd KP mesti ad yg orang bercerita punya

21. kissed anyone on your fb friend's list

22. how many people on your fb friend's list do you know in real life
♥ my family, my BFF, my girl

23. do you have big house
♥ nope, just a conner lot terrace.

24. do you have any pets
♥ fishes, in the pond and aquarium.

25. do you want to change your name
♥ no, i have a wonderful name, why should i change?

26. what did you do for your last birthday
♥ kene rumble ng sarjen 2, dapat kad dri pujeng one aspuri, jr aku nyanyi "happy birthday kt 4Arif, kain from pujeng 3, teddy bear from haylie, shaver from BGP aspuri and rumble from aspura, celup.

27. What time did you wake up today
♥ 10a.m. first time in this year....ting tong! *-*@

28. what were you doing last night

29. name something you cannot wait for
♥ VW beatles, finish my studies, get married

30. last time you saw your mother
♥ just now, she just came back from segamat

31. what is one thing you wish you could change in your life
♥ i don't know, myb my attitude.more discipline.

32. what are you listening to right now
♥ muse - MK ultra

33. have you ever talked to a person named Tom
♥ tom, nope.. why TOM???

34. what's getting on your nerves right now
♥ fuhh! my stamina n fitness....boroi da....

35. most visited webpage
♥ blog kwn2, 
♥ youtube

36. days online
♥ 24/7, ahhaa,,,

37. nicknames
♥ syafiq, sapek, syator, sepet, albert, bert, al....

38. relationship status
♥ in a relationship with ******** ******

39. zodiac sign
♥pisces, ikan pown ikan da.....

40. male or female
♥ observe.then u know..haiya....mesti la MALE.

41. elementary
♥ Tadika Irsaydul Bannat( tadika arab deyh...ta caye la plak,)
♥ SK Bukit Pasir.
♥ SK Taman Universiti 4

42. high school
♥ SMK Taman Universiti (1)
♥ SM Sains Muar

43. college
♥ asasi, matrik, oversea pown bole....haha....

44. hair colour
♥ black

45. long or short
♥ short

46. height
♥ 175++, da lame ta ukur.

47. do you have crush on someone
♥ yup, malas nk igt.

48. what do you like about yourself
♥ optimistic, happy-go-lucky

49. zaf, camner bleh ilang??hahaha

50. tattoos
♥ haram,camner nk solat n mandi wajib???sah plak???!!!

51. righty or lefty
♥ lefty, special rite?

52. first crush
♥ primary school, haha...

53. first piercings
♥ haram menyerupai wanita...

54. first best friend
♥ asyraf zai - year 4

55. first sport you joined
♥ football

56. first vacation
♥ labuan, when i was 3 month-old.haha....(ayah ckp...ak ta igt)

57. zaf???!!!hahaha....

58. first car
♥ myvi SE maybe.....simple2 suda....

59. eating
♥ nope,

60. drinking
♥ yup,orange milk

61. i'm about to
♥ finish answering these ques, take my bath.

62. listening to
♥ musics

63. waiting for
♥ SPM result- hmmm.....scary....

64. want kids
♥ mestila nk, nk wat camner ayah wat....wah, gempak!!

65. get married
of course, sape tank jd umat NABI MUHAMMAD S.A.W.

66. career
♥ depends on my result, in spm, kat u nti, but whatever i do i wana do it successfully,(stuju ng dayan)

67. lips or eyes
♥ mine?hmm....lips,

68. hugs or kisses
♥ hugs!wahhhhh!!!

69. shorter or taller
♥ taller

70. older or younger
♥ younger perhaps,

71. romantic or spontaneous
♥ both, depends on the situation....(ta jwb soalan:P)

72. nice stomach or arms
♥ arms, mcm lebron james...besar siot...

73. sensitive or loud
♥ sensitive, ley manje2...ahhaaa...(gedik!)

74. hook-up or relationship
♥ relationship, of course

75. trouble maker or hesitant
♥ i don't know, but i'm a trouble maker so...

76. kissed a stranger
♥ nope

77. drank hard liquor
♥ nope,nnt kt SYURGA....insyaAllah......

78. lost glasses/contact
♥ never, ta pakai pown...

79. sex on first date
♥ hoi!!!!giler ke???mne ble....HARAM!!

80. broke someone's heart
♥ yup, and i'm regret.

81. had your own heart broken
♥ yup, malas nk igt la.....

82. hurt someone
♥ penah, banyak kali...sorry....

83. turned someone down
♥ ain rosli! sorry!!

84. cried when someone died
♥ mstlah.

85. fallen for a friend
♥ hmmm???

86. yourself
♥ yup,but.....

87. miracles
♥ andai kte selalu berdoa, ALLAH akan tunjukkan

88. love at first sight
♥ yup, dy la...

89. heaven
♥ rukun IMAN da.....

90. santa claus
♥ prove it to me, then i believe!

91. kiss on first date
♥ nope.

92. angels?
♥ rukan IMAN da....hey u, recheck please, rukun IMAN ad 6....

93. had more than one bf/gf
♥ NO!!!!wat ap banyak2???

94. did you dance today
♥ nope!

95. did you sing today
♥ of course, adam lambert - soaked

96. ever cheated on somebody
♥ sometimes, tipu harus...

97. if you could go back in time, how far would you go, and why?
♥ before my late mum passed away....i want to kiss her...:"(

98. if you could pick a day from last year and relive it, what would it be?
♥ 26.12.2010.the best day ever

99. are you afraid of falling in love with somebody else?
♥ setiap manusia diciptakan untuk berpasang-pasangan....jd, knp nk takut....ALLAH sntiasa membantu hambaNYA

100. posting this as 101 truths?
♥ yup, they tagged, kene la

p/s : malas nk tukar ♥ tuh,banyak wooo! so jgn cakap ak jiwang da.....haha

daniel izzat
sape2 yg nak...


  1. blah lerr ko..nak bersecret2 lak yg ♥******** ******♥ tu..

  2. haha....ak masih lom lepas ag....kau da lepas da.....kne la tgguu....

  3. uish,, byk sgt la weyh,, lpz rye cine bwu q wt la eh,,hahaha,,

  4. haha, eleh albert, bole jek klu ko nk tuka susunan the ppl who changed you tu, kan? hee :D,