Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Going The Distance

have u ever watch this movie?

going the distance
haha....this movie realize me how to maintain the relationship when our loved ones not with us. this movie is about Erin's(Drew Barrymore) 31, a journalism grad student at Stanford and, for the summer, an intern at a New York daily. She meets Garrett(Justin Long) at a bar, they hit it off, and, for the rest of the summer, are inseparable. But, can the relationship grow - or even survive - at a distance? Erin, who put her professional life on hold once before for a man, gets advice from her married sister, Corinne, and he gets running commentary from his best friend Box and his roommate Dan - both clueless about women. Garrett, who doesn't much like his job at a record company, looks for work in the Bay Area, Erin tries to find a reporting job in New York, but as these efforts fail, is there any hope for them as a couple? bla.....bla....bla.....and the film ends with two of them making up.

the moral of the movie, the key to maintain your relationship is TRUST. you must trust your loved ones because you cannot become his/her babysitter all the time.if Erin and Garrett can trust each other, why can't we? it is actually good for us because it makes your relationship longer than it should be. you have a lot to share during the date. well, i'm not qualified to talk about this topic but this is what I learned after i watched this movie.haha, better you watch this movie and interpret the message by yourself. think again and again. i don't know what to say.ahaa...good luck with your relationship!

*pardon my language.my English is not good at all. i try to improve, so this will be the right way i think.hmm, enjoy the broken-crashed English.


  1. interesting movie :D,
    i wana watch this as well, howd u get the movie? is it a new release?

  2. yup, try to find at music valley or at pasar malam...haha...:)mrepek.

  3. haha albert ,

    smakinn bijak ko ehh .
    mmg kena ad TRUST pon bile bercinta nihh .
    kalau tak hancurr laa .

  4. albert..albert..facing the same situation as in the movie huh??hahahaha

  5. hahaha....
    same situation?
    tp kalo ko tgk cite niyh....kte ad iman still kne jge deyh.